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Policies & Ethics

Please read over my policies before purchasing a reading from me, thank you!

● I will not read for anyone under 18 years of age.

● Client confidentiality is very dear to me, I keep all the info you give me and the readings private. Not even my dog is in on the fun!

● Please note that I am not a psychic or medium. I cannot tell the future or do predictions. I do not believe our futures are set in stone and can be changed much like the butterfly effect.

● There are no refunds, period. Once payment has been made, all is final.

 I do not discriminate against race, gender identity, or sexual orientation. I welcome anyone and everyone! I will not however, read for anyone showing disrespect, rudeness, or aggressive behavior. 

● I hold the right to refuse or refund a reading that I do not feel comfortable with, or one that does not resonate with my reading style.

● I am not a health professional or therapist. I will not do readings themed around health, mental health, law, or a financial crisis. Please seek help if you are suicidal or are in need of a lawyer. My tarot readings are not to replace your natural judgement. 

last updated 6.23.17